Author: Anya Allyn

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Bleath: The Hauntings #1

Psychology Student, Zoe Cosgrove, arrives in the West Virginian town of Bleath to study a strange phenomenon–a cluster of children who are experiencing paracosms (beliefs in self-created imaginary worlds).

The mayor of Bleath provides Zoe with accommodation at the empty Wilmont house. It’s not the friendly farmhouse Zoe was picturing, and worse, the house seems to change day by day. The walls change, and strange objects appear. Late at night, scratching noises scrape along the staircase banister and inside the trinket box under her bed. And out in the wheat field below her bedroom window, ghostly figures seem to wait . . . .

Is Zoe slipping into an imaginary world of her own? Or are the things she’s experiencing terrifying real?

Too late, Zoe discovers that Bleath is hiding the darkest of secrets.

PARACOSM is a standalone novel. It is part of a wider world, having a deep connection to The Dark Carousel series.